The Ohana Adventure

Ohana means Family and Family ROCKS!


Island Family in a different paradise

Family is always an adventure! Our Polynesian Family is currently adventuring in the mainland USA with a basecamp in the mountains of Utah. 

  • Jase:    36   Entrepreneur, Surfer, Snowboarder, Fisherman & Best Dad Ever! 
  • Rach:  35 Mom, Vlogger, Party Planner & Costume maker
  • Klai:     14 The Singer, dancer, planner, shopper & Friend
  • Rykel:  12 Cello Player, Joker, Sweetheart & Animal Lover
  • Shae:   10  Soccer Player, drummer, Master Lego Builder
  • Wyatt: 9 Golfer, Lego Builder, Hugger, & Swimmer
  • Evee:    7 Artist, Singer, Dancer, Sweet, & Kind
  • Cora:    5 Spunky, Sweet, loves mermaids, princesses & Friends.